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Highly recommend KMS. Had a heat pump hot water system installed improperly by another mob. KMS came to the rescue, fixed everything wonderfully and promptly. Wish I’d gone to them first.
Our existing hot water system started leaking and was tripping the circuit breaker. After the decision to go with a heat pump hot water system was finalised, Adrian and the guys at KMS were very responsive with an installation date and efficient in getting the old system out and the new one installed. The iStore 270 looks very impressive and the installation required a new location which the guys were able to improve on and works well. Adrian provided simple and useful information on the setup and maintenance steps.Very happy to recommend Adrian and the guys at KMS Services for hot water system replacement and maintenance.
It's just been a month since I had my iStore 270 Heat Pump unit installed and couldn't be happier. First time in 6 years that I've actually had very hot water compared to my old unit. The guys from KMS were very efficient and did a great job installing the unit. I would recommend KMS to anyone.
Current element hws was not adequate so we gave istore a go. So much better 270L does the four of us easily. Nice install by KMS, quick and helpful. So glad we went with these guys. Great system so far, looking forward to power bill to see how much we will save. Cheers.
We bought an ISTORE heat pump system from KMS and the service was excellent. We were impressed with their efficient communication as I phoned Oliver on the Tuesday and the system was installed in the Thursday. The installation proved to be difficult and Adrian went above beyond to ensure that the we had hot water. We are very happy with the system. I would definitely recommend the product and this company. Professional and very friendly.
Called KMS this morning as my hot water system has suddenly stopped producing hot water. By lunch time one of the KMS technicians had arrived and repaired my system at a fraction of the cost than was quoted elsewhere. Great attention to detail and a friendly manner. Would recommend highly!
Adrian replaced my failed electric hot water cylinder with a new one including new ancillary valves. The work was professionally carried out and well finished. In spite of the HW cylinder being mounted on a shelf, Adrian and his assistant expertly removed the old, considerably heavy old cylinder, and installed the new unit. He has a friendly and engaging manner. Highly recommended.
After completing a lot of research, I decided on replacing my old heat pump with a new one. As I live out of suburbia, I was both surprised and delighted that KMS Services were able to attend at a time convenient to me and am very impressed by the communication and service provided. The I-store unit is fantastic and quiet - so happy to have a heat pump that works! I highly recommend KMS services - thank you.
Around 6 months ago I had KMS replace my old electric hot water system with a heat pump in order to reduce the running costs of my hot water. I have since received 2 hot water bills and can happily confirm that my bill has decreased significantly. Professional service, great knowledge and friendly staff. Would recommend.
Needed To replace my old Solar hot water service. Called KMS on Monday Spoke to Adrian. He said he could inspect the job on Tuesday. Had a quote that afternoon. Accepted quote on Wednesday. Heat pump installed Thursday afternoon. Adrian and Oliver were great to work with very professional. Would highly recommend.
These guys are awesome! We changed from gas to the istore heat pump. Great communication and professionalism before and throughout the installation. Big job with removing gas system and replacing with heat pump but all done in a day. Highly recommended. I would certainly call these guys first.
I wanted to replace my old hot water system with a new heat pump model. I sent a request for a quote and received a response within the day. The quote was competitive. KMS continued the fabulous service with an outstanding installation within days, removed the old system, all new fittings. 5 star rating all round, price, service, installation.
The team at KMS has been being really helpful in answering any of my enquiries from quotation to installation of a hot water unit. Adrian is very experienced in what he does on site and pays real attention to details. Adrian is a true professional!
Hey great work KMS service. No hot water in winter, yikes. Thanks to KMS the job was done that day and no cold showers for us. I found the installers to be courteous and the plumbing was neat and professionally done. I was happy with the price and Oliver provided great sales and back office support.
The team at KMS are very professional and communicate everything from repair prices, quotes for new system, removal of old system and time and date they will be at your home. We are very happy with our larger Rinnai system and they took care to make sure everything was correct before leaving the job including how to operate the new system and clean up. Nothing was too much trouble and the work was carried out in a professional, timely and cost effective manner. Quality workmanship is a definite plus here. Also a bonus, KMS does both the electrical and the plumbing. Thank you to the team at KMS. Well done on a great job.

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Choosing the Right Hot Water System

We can save you $1000s with the best hot water system for you!

With so many different types, brands, models, and sizes of hot water systems on the market, choosing the right hot water system can be a confusing and difficult task.


A hot water system is a product that can last well over 10 years, therefore, an expert opinion is needed to ensure you make the right decision!


Important Points to Consider Prior to Purchasing:

Our Hot Water Experts consider all these points and your specific individual requirements when recommending the right hot water system for you!

Hot Water System Comparison

Find out which hot water system is the right choice for you!


Conventional Choice
  • Low Initial Cost
  1. Not Environmentally Friendly
  2. Rising Electricity Prices
  3. Most Expensive to Run

Electric hot water systems are the traditional type of hot water system on the market today. Although they are slightly cheaper to install, they are extremely expensive to run compared with the newer technology of a heat pump, costing you thousands more over the life of the system!


Heat pump

Energy efficient & cost effective
  • Cheapest to Run
  • Reduces Running Cost by up to 75%
  • Latest technology
  • Highly trusted & Reliable Brands
  • Cheaper to Install than Gas & Solar
  • Environmentally Friendly

Heat Pumps have gained tremendous popularity in the recent years and are the No.1 type of hot water system. With market leading energy efficiency, heat pumps can reduce your hot water bills by up to 70%! The iStore Heat Pump is our recommendation as it is built to Australian standards, easy
to install, extremely reliable and saves you THOUSANDS on your running costs over the life of the



environmentally friendly
  • Environmentally Friendly
  1. Unreliable & Problematic
  2. Most Expensive to Install
  3. Excessive Weight on Roof
  4. Difficut to Access & Service System
  5. Exposure to extreme weather conditions, leading to damaged panels.

While being environmentally friendly, we have seen far too many problems with solar hot water systems to be able to recommend this type of system. The roof mounted systems are often too heavy for the roof design and due to decreased accessibility, issues with the systems are frequently discovered too late. They are also the most costly unit to install and run inefficiently on an electric booster at night and on overcast days.



Compact design
  • Compact Design – can be installed where space is limited
  1. Rising Prices & Gas Charges
  2. Expensive to Install
  3. Expensive to Run

Gas Hot Water systems are a niche product that we only recommend if no other option would fit in the space at your property. They are expensive to install and due to the ever increasing gas prices and charges, they have also become expensive to run.



Save thousands with an istore heat pump

Based on the above consumption over a 10 Year Life Span you would save over $10,000+ in running costs by installing an iStore Heat Pump compared to a Standard Electric Hot Water System!

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Our expert team will take care of the whole process, including recommending the perfect brand, size & type of hot water system to suit your needs and organising a preferred install date and time.


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Our fully accredited and licenced plumbers & electricians take great care with your hot water system installation to ensure your system is correctly installed and compliant with Government standards.


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Types of Hot Water System –
Additional Info

Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are by far the best type of hot water system on the market. Over the last 10 years, Heat Pump technology has continued to improve and currently a heat pump hot water system is 75% cheaper to run than a standard electric hot water system, savings customers THOUSANDS over the life of the system.


There are many additional benefits to a heat pump hot water system:


  1. Can harness existing solar power to generate free hot water!
  2. Operate efficiently in all weather conditions (-5 to 40 degrees, day and night!)
  3. Reliable and built to the most stringent Australia Hot Water and Refrigeration standards.
  4. Do not require roof mounted solar panels!


We only use the most reliable and reputable hot water brands and iStore is the leading heat pump brand on the market. The iStore Heat Pumps are designed to meet Australian standards, extremely reliable and have market leading energy efficiency. We highly recommend installing an iStore Heat Pump to reduce your power bills and save thousands on running costs!


Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric Hot Water Systems are the cheapest option on the market, however, they do have the highest running costs of all hot water systems. Electric hot water systems are usually recommended in rental properties or if the household is going to be sold shortly after installation as in these cases the savings of a heat pump wouldn’t be experienced by the home owner.


Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas hot water systems are great for households where there is no room for a hot water system and the gas system can be mounted on the wall. Gas hot water systems are slightly cheaper to run than an electric hot water system, however, with the constant increase in gas prices, the running costs are also increasing.


Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water Systems are more efficient to run than electric and gas hot water systems, however, they do have some notable drawbacks. Solar hot water systems are by far the most expensive to type of hot water system to install due to the need to install roof mounted solar panels for the system. Additionally, as solar hot water systems are completely reliant on the sun, in overcast days or at night, solar hot water systems require the use of an electric booster element and therefore, operate inefficiently as an electric hot water system in these times. Solar hot water systems are also quite unreliable and problematic.

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