Hot Water System Replacement/Relocation

When replacing your existing hot water system, a relocation to outside the home may be the best option.

Why Relocate Your New Hot Water System?

  • Comply with new Regulations – When replacing your old hot water system, your new system may need to be positioned outside in order to be compliant to the new regulations.
  • To install an Energy Efficient Heat Pump – your new heat pump hot water systems may need to be relocated to be  installed in an area with sufficient airflow.
  • Up-sizing to a Larger, More Cost Effective Hot Water System – if there is not enough space for a larger, more cost effective system to be installed in the existing position, a relocation would be required.
  • Changing from a Solar Hot Water System to a Heat Pump – a heat pump hot water system needs to be installed on ground level and therefore, a relocation would be required.

Why Choose KMS Services to Relocate Your New Hot Water System?

A hot water system relocation requires both plumbing and electrical services.

Our experienced plumbing and electrical technicians can complete all parts of a hot water system relocation in one visit – saving you time and $$$!