Hot Water System Service

All Leading Brands recommend that all sizes and types of  Hot Water Systems are to be serviced every 3 to 5 years, depending on specific hot water usage.

The benefits of regularly servicing your hot water system include:

  • Ensures the hot water system continues to run effectively and efficiently, preventing increases in running costs.
  • Prevents breakdowns in the system and its parts and increase the life span of the system – ultimately saving you $$$!
  • Ensures all warranties from the hot water system brands are upheld as you will have met the servicing requirements!

Why Choose KMS Services to Service Your Hot Water System?

  • Over 35+ Years Hot Water System Service Experience – our expert  knowledge ensures you receive a cost effective, reliable and professional hot water service.
  • One Call for All Your Hot Water Servicing Needs – being qualified plumbers and electricians, we can provide a complete hot water service for all aspects of your system.
  • We Service all Types & Sizes of Hot Water Systems